Centrifugal Galvanizing

Phoenix Galvanizing Centrifuge cc provides a hot dip galvanizing service for threaded items and small steel articles. Items are put through a miniature galvanizing process and after being zinc coated, they are spun at a high velocity in a centrifuge to discard excess zinc from the threads.

Untreated threaded rod
    Untreated loose items are put into a wash bucket
The bucket/items are lowered into the wash bay
    Zinc dipping buckets
The wash bucket is raised and excess liquid is strained
    The loose items are emptied into the zinc dipping buckets
Items are sprincled with powder
    The buckets are moved into place over the hot zinc
The buckets are carefully lowered into the hot zinc
    Bucket touching the hot zinc
Suspended in the hot zinc for a calculated period of time.
    The bucket is raised out of the hot zinc
The bucket is placed into the centrifuge.
    The bucket is spun to remove the excess zinc
The items are turned and spun again
    The items are dropped into a cooling wash bay
The items are strained to remove excess liquid
    The final zinc coated items are inspected, cleaned and filled
    if necessary.
The final item ready for delivery.