Hot Dip Galvanizing:

Hot Dip Galvanizing Tank
  • Our Zinc Kettle dimensions are 14 metre length, 1.4 metre width and 2.5 metres high.
  • The plant has a monthly production process capacity of over 2000 tonnes.
  • The roof and crane gantry height allow us to galvanize the largest of structural steel segments.

Centrifugal Galvanizing:

Centrifugal Galvanizing Plant
  • Phoenix Galvanizing Centrifuge offers customers a galvanizing solution for small or threaded steel items.
  • This is a miniature version of our large line, with the added centrifuge, where small or threaded steel items are spun at high speed to remove zinc from the thread.
  • The plant has a monthly production process capacity of 200 tonnes.

Transport Services:

Transport Services fleet of trucks
  • Phoenix Galvanizing employs a large fleet of trucks, incorporating 14 metre tri-axle trailers, 8 Tonne, 4 Tonne and 1 Tonne vehicles. Our transport service spans Durban Central, Inland to Pietermaritzburg, South to Margate and North to Richards Bay. With this fleet at our disposal, we have the ability to customise specific logistical solutions for our customers.