Phoenix Galvanizing began operating in September 1996. The company has since grown into one of South Africa’s largest galvanising plants and currently has the largest zinc tank in KwaZulu Natal. The company has been associated with major galvanizing projects, with a client list that includes Eskom, Transnet, Ethekwini Municipality, Cousins Steel, Avellini Bros, Shesha Engineering and Impact Engineering, amongst many others. Phoenix Galvanizing has successfully undertaken the galvanising of electrical transmission lines, structural steel for bridges and buildings as well as burglar bars, boat trailers and smaller items that need hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion protection.

Flamcon Metal Works - 1993

1993: Anni and Roy Ramkisson merge their steel fabrication businesses, Falcon Metal Works and Flamingo Iron Works respectively, to form Flamcon Metal Works. Flamcon Metal Works is based in Phoenix Industrial Park and concentrates on the design, fabrication and installation of high quality Security Gates, Burglar Guards and Fencing. Flamcon goes on to become an industry leader in the security sector. (Pic of Flamcon)

Anni and Roy identify an opportunity in the hot-dip galvanizing market in Durban, as there is only 1 galvanizer and a huge market, being a coastal region.

Phoenix Galvanizing 1996
Phoenix Galvanizing Directors - Roy, Yashoda, Latha and Anni

1996: Anni and Roy, along with their wives, Latha and Yashoda, open Phoenix Galvanizing (Pty) Ltd. The company is the first non-white galvanizer in South Africa. With its 14 metre long Zinc Kettle, it is also the largest plant in Kwa-Zulu Natal. (Old pic of PG and pic of Directors).

Big Dip

1996 – 2000: Phoenix Galvanizing is awarded numerous tenders from Telkom, Transnet, Eskom, Ethekwini Municipality and Durban Electricity, amongst many other private companies. It operates an unprecedented 48-hour turnaround time to clients in Gauteng. Because of this un-heard off before service, the late Walter Barnett, ex-chairman of the Hot Dip Galvanizing Association of South Africa, jokingly quipped at an awards ceremony that “Phoenix Galvanizing is the largest galvanizer in Gauteng”. (pic of big dip and transport fleet).

Bosal Africa - irrigation systems - Untreated
Bosal Africa - irrigation systems - Treated and inspected
Bosal Africa - irrigation systems - Spot fixing
Bosal Africa - irrigation systems - Ready for delivery

2000: Phoenix Galvanizing seals a deal with Bosal Africa to galvanize all of their Pretoria production of irrigation systems. The quality control machinery is transported to Phoenix. 10 Bosal Africa staff members are permanently relocated to Durban to achieve the same quality and efficiency the project requires. The agreement is still in place today. (Bosal Pipes pic).

SABS ISO 9001 Award Party

2002: Phoenix Galvanizing is certified as an ISO 9001:2001 company, offering its stakeholders world-class interaction and quality management. (ISO Party pic).

2003 - Today: Phoenix Galvanizing continues to be the largest galvanizer in KZN, with regards to its Zinc Kettle size and Production Tonnage achieved. The company operates on a 24/7 basis.

Our ISO 9001:2011 system is highly efficient. Future SABS ISO auditors are sent Phoenix Galvanizing to learn how to effectively audit and ISO certified company.